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The lowdown on the Britney-Kevin breakup

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92328__brit_lYou know why I love America? Because a day after a contentious — and in some cases, still contested — election, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are putting aside their differences to discuss a question that’s vital to the nation’s health and well being: What will Rick Santorum do? Barack Obama, hot or not? Um, I mean, how will the Britney/K-Fed divorce play out?

PopWatch wants to be a part of this important national conversation, and to that end, we’re trying to provide you with comprehensive linkage of the event. After you watch a video that might possibly show K-Fed receiving news of Britney’s divorce filing by text message — Hello? Britney? Are you planning a cover of “Ice, Ice, Baby,” ’cause you cold! And, um, haven’t you heard Kelly’s fierce new single, “YOU CAN’T TEXT MESSAGE BREAKUP!“? — check out these other kernels of info.

(Hold up: Gotta pop a Pepto. Not feelin’ so hot. Wait! Let me fix my hair. Okay, I think I’m ready.)