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November 03, 2006 AT 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

Kazakh Célèbre
Wawaweewa! A cover story on my favorite comic character, Borat (I like!), and sexytime photos of the beautiful Jenna Fischer in one issue?! EW: high five!
Ken Kaminski
Waukesha, Wis.

I cannot possibly express my delight at seeing Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat on the cover! I have been a fan of Baron Cohen’s for a few years, and it’s about time he’s recognized as a comic genius. I cannot wait for opening day, and if this movie is even a quarter as funny as I hope, I will be going to see it many times.
David Roche
Athens, Ohio

‘Office’ Crush
Jenna Fischer just glows in ”Paper Mate.” It’s so refreshing to see a normal, everyday woman on the screen each Thursday. Many of us have a little Pam inside, and Jenna brings her to life, while rockin’ the average wardrobe!
Michelle Giorlando
Royal Oak, Mich.

Springfield Fever
Regarding ”The Singing Directive” (News & Notes): How could you leave out the upcoming Dusty Springfield biopic starring the little lady with a big voice — Kristin Chenoweth? This could be her big breakout part.
Ryan Schreiber
Columbia, Mo.

‘Smith’ Smitten
After wondering why I could not find Smith on any channel last Tuesday evening, I now have my answer (”Shows Down,” News & Notes). It’s been canceled after only three episodes. Out of the three new fall shows that I have on TiVo, only Shark remains. The networks no longer seem to have any interest in keeping viewers happy. How about at least wrapping up a plotline before unceremoniously pulling the plug? From now on, I will just read a good book.
Joy Bless
Annapolis, Md.


It’s one thing to collect Rammstein records or put their posters on your bedroom wall. But Joy Hallett of Loon Lake, Wash., is such a fan of the Krautrockers that she ”spent the last two and a half years studying the German language because I wanted to know what they were saying.” For such devotion, we are proud to call you OFOTW, Joy. But it would’ve been easier to have become a fan of David Hasselhoff, nicht wahr?

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