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Prince will Lovesexy Vegas long time

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94359__prince_lWatch your back, Wayne Newton: Prince is eyeing your crown. His Half-nakedness will appear three times a week at the new Vegas club 3121, an engagement that will run “indefinitely,” according to a press rep.

Prince as a long-running Vegas act… it’s not what I would’ve predicted. On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to eat rubbery steak and watch Prince simultaneously. I get the feeling it’s not that sort of club, but I’m hoping they’ll eventually go the supper-and-floor-show route. See, I have this dream where Prince comes by my table and asks me how I like the steak, and I say I like it fine, and then he starts inexplicably humping it to the strains of “Seven.”

Danke schoen, Prince. You’re taking it to the people. And, in my opinion, the average Vegas tourist needs a little more revolution in his life.

addCredit(“Prince: Chris Graythen/Getty Images”)