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Dancin' Dave Price may be the next Bob Barker

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15614__price_lJust one day after Bob Barker announced his pending retirement, the New York Daily News has reported that morning news personality Dave Price may be the one to take over as host of The Price is Right next year. Get it? The Price is right! Potentially.

Until April, I had no idea who this guy was. Then a beautiful thing happened: “Dance Friday” on the CBS morning news. After staying up all night for no reason, a jarring visual of Dave shakin’ his thang on my screen roused me from a Diet Pepsi/Cheetos stupor long enough to catch this once-in-a-lifetime footage of the final installment of Dance Friday. The man extols Olivia Newton-John and attempts to make out with the rising sun. Thank you, Dave Price, for becoming my unintentional-comedy god that morning.

So yeah, I’m majorly biased in favor of Price. He’s not exactly a game show expert, but he’s a total goofball who just might grow on you. What do you think? Too soon?