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”Nip/Tuck”: Liz goes under the knife

Nip/Tuck had a few surprises up its sleeve for Halloween, chief among them Alanis Morissette as Liz’s new girlfriend, Poppy. I love it! The ”You Oughta Know” singer had already played a lesbian quite convincingly in an episode of Sex and the City. She was quite good last night as Liz’s lover and fellow anesthesiologist. More important, Alanis looked really good. Her hair was under control, and it looked like she had ditched patchouli for Pilates. I liked that she played someone kind of nasty and superficial, since the real Alanis seems to be the complete opposite. In any case, I’ll be interested to see where this plotline goes. I believe the singer is signed on for three episodes. Now if only she could get her on-again-off-again boyfriend Ryan Reynolds to guest star.

It was a bad night for James (Jacqueline Bisset). First some tough guys doused her with gasoline and threatened her (in French!). Then Christian emptied gallons of medical waste into her prized automobile. It seems James owes the tough guys two more kidneys, thus the threats. Naturally, she once again blackmailed her favorite former employee, Michelle: If Michelle couldn’t find her a decent pair of kidneys, James would remove Christian’s. And yet I still love James and Jacqueline Bisset’s performance. Bisset is the epitome of a femme fatale. The black leather ensemble she wore to seduce Christian was incredible. Very few women her age or even younger could pull that off, but Bisset did it effortlessly. At the end of the episode, Michelle simply let old fogy Burt die and harvested his organs, so Christian was out of any danger. Personally, I was quite happy that Burt bit the dust. He was starting to bore me, and that story line really needed to wrap up. There didn’t seem to be any reason for him to still be around. But how is Michelle going to cover this up? Is she just going to dump the body somewhere?

While James had some rather unpleasant encounters, Marlowe (Peter Dinklage) got lucky. As many of you TV Watchers predicted, the diminutive nanny and Julia ended up getting it on last night. But first of all, let’s talk about Marlowe’s apartment. Um, maybe I should become a night nurse? Good Lord. That’s a snazzy little bachelor pad. Still, I’m not sure I see Julia doing this. This is the same woman who told Sean she would never forgive him if he ever cheated on her. I don’t get it. I know Marlowe is charismatic and compassionate, but they have no chemistry. On the other hand, I do understand her desire to not be around when Sean turns Conor’s finger screw. That was hard to watch. I wish I had an artistic night nurse to run to for comfort.

What do you think? Will Michelle get away with murder? Is Julia going to leave Sean? And what’s going to happen with Poppy and Liz?

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