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The Shins' newest: Soundtrack to a sequel not yet filmed?

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emobraff42: Hey.

quirkychildlikegirlwoman: Hhgrisdfkmjs!

emobraff42: What?

quirkychildlikegirlwoman: Sorry. I sometimes feel like I have to do something no one’s ever done before.

emobraff42: Like, cure cancer?

quirkychildlikegirlwoman: No. Only stupid things no one’s done before.

emobraff42: What you just said sounds like it really means something. [pause] So I’m off my meds and listening to this amazing new Shins song, “Phantom Limb.” It’s like every other Shins song you’ve heard, meaning it’s awesome. It’s like if the voice of your generation stood up and spoke, and then repeated itself for a few tracks.

quirkychildlikegirlwoman: I wish I were there to catch your tears in a Dixie Cup.

emobraff42: Me, too. Listening to this song makes me think of how mymom slipped in the tub and died due to my father’s possibly criminalnegligence.

quirkychildlikegirlwoman: Hrerejk!

emobraff42: You already did that.

quirkychildlikegirlwoman: Mashed totally different keys this time.

emobraff42: I love you, you unpredictable pixie. Let’s shareearbuds, blast this song and scream in the rain. Then have vaguelycreepy sex.

quirkychildlikegirlwoman: Right after I finish my geometry homework.