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HeadScratcher No. 64: 'Trace' Elements

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155520__alp_lSo, what do performers Kirstie Alley, Chad Lowe, Maria Menounos, Masi Oka, and Amber Tamblyn have in common? Is it that they were all in Star Trek movies, as one reader suggested? (Uh, I don’t think so.) Or that they’re all 5’7″? (Really? Wow. Don’t know, haven’t measured their heights.) That they all suffer from low self-esteem? (Don’t know; haven’t measured that either. That’s funny, though.) That they’ve all played characters with a sexually transmitted disease? (WHAT??) That they all started on soaps? (Perhaps, but we try to keep things topical here at HeadScratcher headquarters.)

No, the answer was that they’ve all guest-starred on Without a Trace (the show that reader Connie L. Chilton calls “the final component of CBS’ rhyming Sunday lineup” — after Amazing Race and Cold Case). Bonus points to those of you who recognized that we devised this question to mark the 100th episode of the Anthona LaPaglia (pictured) series, which aired last night and guest-starred the appropriately long-MIA Eriq LaSalle.

“I thought this week’s [HeadScratcher] had to do with these actors connecting with a higher being,” wrote the aptly named Dan Priest, who had this week’s most entertaining wrong answer. He explained, “Kirstie fought for her right to be in heaven in Toothless, Chad got him some lovin’ from Della in Touched By An Angel, Amber talked to God in Joan of Arcadia, Masi was in something called God Wears My Underwear, and of course, Maria worked for God in the flesh, Bob Goen, on Entertainment Tonight.”

Dan was just kidding; he knew the right answer. So did Connie, who wondered acidly, “Did you call them ‘performers’ because you were unable to categorize Menounos as an ‘actor’ or was that a stab at Kirstie Alley for transforming herself from a ‘fat actress’ to Jenny Craig spokesperson?” No, it was the former, but we’re not dissing La Menounos, who, as Dan points out, is closer to God than the rest of us are.

(See the names of those PopWatchers who cracked the case after the jump.)

addCredit(“Anthony LaPaglia: Cliff Lipson/CBS”)

Elizabeth Allen
Alexis Behan
Quentin-Alexandre Brigaud
Melissa Carstens
Connie L. Chilton
Mick Corman
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Brian Horsham
Stephanie Jungkeit-Casey
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Jennifer Knight
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Kerin Lou
Scot Manning
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Bubbles McGee
Jen Morris
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Mary Ott
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Dan Priest
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Adam Wanderman
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Rafe Zimmer

Thanks for playing, everyone! Come back Friday afternoon for another HeadScratcher…