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The Death of Ellen Tigh

EW remembers the departed character

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Ellen Tigh, 35 (according to her previous statements), wife of Col. Saul Tigh, executive officer of the Battlestar Galactica, died in her sleep on the eve of the exodus from New Caprica. Though she engaged in the occasional marital indiscretion (according to Cmdr. William Adama, she had ”slept with half the fleet while Saul was in space”), her devotion to her husband, and his career, was both unwavering and absolute. After President Baltar took office and the colony of New Caprica was established, Mrs. Tigh was instrumental in persuading her husband to move from the orbiting Galactica to the surface (”They were so sweet together,” says Chief Petty Officer Gaelin Tyrol of the couple. ”He had that special look in his eye…you know, the eye that wasn’t ripped out by the Cylons”) — and if she hadn’t, the Insurgency would not have had Colonel Tigh to lead them so unflinchingly out of bondage. (Rumors of Mrs. Tigh’s ”collaboration” with members of the Cylon government have never been confirmed.)

Ellen Tigh is survived by her husband — whose only comment was to ”get the frak out of my face before I blow you out the damned air lock” — but her loss will be felt by hundreds of men throughout the fleet.