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Dixie Chicks banned again?

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The Weinstein Company isn’t ready to play nice. Harvey and Bob are accusing NBC and The CW of banning ads for the Dixie Chicks documentary Shut Up & Sing, which opens today in New York and LA and wide on Nov. 10. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Weinsteins have provided documents that allegedly show NBC rejecting a commercial because its content “disparages President Bush” and the CW admitting to “concerns [that] we do not have appropriate programming in which to schedule this spot.” (In the CW’s defense, what does go with One Tree Hill? And since we’re talking ads here, how do we get the CW to censor their annoying “Free to be…” ones?) For the record: NBC has yet to issue a statement, while the CW has called the accusation “flat-out inaccurate.”

Regardless of where you stand politically, the trailer should make you want to see this movie, which captures lead singer Natalie Maines’ infamous 2003 verbal damnation of President Bush and the massive loss of fans and airplay that followed. How is watching the Chicks deal with the death threat Natalie sings about in “Not Ready to Make Nice” not fascinating?

Do networks have the right to chose which ads they will or will not accept on the basis of politics? And in a related note, how do you feel about CNN and NPR refusing to air ads for Death of a President — presumably because their viewers/listeners could mistake a key plot point, the assassination of President Bush, as a real event?