October 26, 2006 at 08:38 PM EDT

Good news for anyone who likes his/her bloodlust au courant: Two great names in vicarious carnage are coming together. The History Channel (home of Hitler or No Hitler, The Hitler Life and So You Think You Can Invade Poland?) and Kuma Reality Games (the taste-obsessed folks who turn last week’s Iraq death toll into this week’s game sensation) will team up on Shootout!

For the uninitiated, Shootout! (entering its second season on Nov. 3) recreates famous gun battles throughout history, from Guadalcanal to 50 Cent. (The latter hasn’t happened yet, but if Iraq ever dies down, the battle bookers will have to go the way of Inside the Actors Studio.) But what if simply watching isn’t, er, historical enough for you? What if you feel the sudden need to pump America’s enemies full of history?

Enter Kuma, the outfit Daily Show correspondent John Oliver infiltrated on last night’s show.As Oliver discovered, Kuma delivers “powerful, up-to-the-minute 3D gameexperiences,” including bloody recreations of Falluja and recentassaults on Sadr City. Now, with a simple download, you can enter thebattlefield and use what you just learned on Shootout! to betteraerate your opponent.

Digital barbarism? I dunno: I think this is how all wars should befought. And in the future, we can have game battles commemoratingother, more famous game battles, while outside, humanity’ssoon-to-rebel battle drones trade lasers over whether or not we shouldveil Dakota Fanning. Future’s so bright, I gotta wear a blindfold!

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