Rest Stop: Doug Hyun
Paul Katz
October 25, 2006 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Rest Stop

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Jaimie Alexander, Joseph Lawrence
John Shiban
John Shiban

We gave it a B-

Rest Stop, the first release from Warner Bros. horror specialty division Raw Feed, hits almost all the genre staples: lingerie-clad girl in peril (Jaimie Alexander, pictured); faceless psycho; backwoods locale; Bible-thumping zealots; even a creepy dwarf. But Rest Stop moves beyond simple slasher flick when director John Shiban (Supernatural) indulges in what appears to be a red-hot resentment of Joey Lawrence — we assume for his crimes against the sitcom in Blossom. (It should be for those show-offy moves on Dancing With the Stars. Or maybe for his Telly Savalas/Prison Break no-hair look.) Lawrence — who plays a highway patrolman — is run down three times by a truck, shot twice, and actually set on fire. (Granted, he offers little help to an aspiring-actress killer who loiters around a public-toilet stop.)

The hillbilly murderer may be forgettable and the wafer-thin plot drags, but Lawrence’s glorified cameo is schlock-full of poor-taste goodness, such as his line about a soldier’s death on the battlefield: ”A lot of guys eat the s— sandwich, ya know?” Between the bloody tongue dismemberment and (among the extras) a trio of lame alternate endings, it won’t just be watching Lawrence emote that’ll make you hide your eyes and say, ”Whoa!”

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