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Chart Flashback: How does ''Dancing in the Street'' hold up today?

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Martha & The Vandellas: RB/Redferns/Retna

Chart Flashback: How does ”Dancing in the Street” hold up today?

I feel it is safe to say that Martha’s version of this party-time classic has not been rendered obsolete by the cover performed by Whoopi Goldberg and her wacky nun friends in Sister Act 2. (Tragically, I can’t find a clip of that for you to watch, but I did find this, which I think you’ll agree is absolutely outstanding, and about which I would write pages and pages of glowing text if I didn’t think it would completely undermine my credibility. Oh, wait…). Anyway, I also wish I could find you a better video of Martha et al than this one, which is incredibly awkward and kind of really not good, but alas, YouTube disappoints. So you all know this song, right? Sort of like ”Everybody Have Fun Tonight” for the ’60s? Good. Then you can be really pissed when I say that I rank it third in the M&tVs repertoire, right behind ”Nowhere to Run” and ”Heatwave,” both of which are infinitely more interesting songs. So there. B+