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TV Commercials that rock

”Of Montreal” and ”Jet” rock out in small-screen advertisements

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1. Electro-pop outfit OF MONTREAL change the lyrics of their sweet little ditty ”Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and Other Games)” to fit the new Outback Steakhouse ads.

2. All those flying cars and trucks in the new GM commercial are levitating to the sound of JET‘s ”Get What You Need,” from the Aussie rockers’ Get Born.

3. Armed with the power of their iPod nanos, dancers cut swaths of neon color through the dark to the beat of CUT CHEMIST‘s ”The Audience Is Listening Theme Song.”

4. Texas’ majestic instrumental rockers EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY lend their epic ”Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean” to a Cadillac spot touting hand-assembled engines.