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'Wonder Showzen' is probably doomed

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Vernon Chatman and John Lee, the creators of MTV2’s Wonder Showzen, told Radar Online that the show has about a 90 percent chance of getting cancelled. Whether that’s due to ratings or creative direction or someone at MTV realizing it was insane to let the show air in the first place (insanely brilliant!) is unclear.

Never heard of Showzen? It’s a satirical kids’ show about sex, violence, racism, animal blood, and other topics that prompt the disclaimer “If you allow a child to watch this show, you are a bad parent or guardian.” Check out such Wonder bits as What Is Love, Clarence Goes to Harlem, or Who Did You Exploit Today? for more information and for the joy of seeing a five-year-old girl outsmart Wall Street types.

Chatman and Lee had generally good things to say about their network earlier this year in a Q&A with EW’s Josh Wolk, but Chatman told Radar the show doesn’t fit into MTV2’s “worldview, which is no worldview. It just doesn’t fit anywhere. It needs some attention.” So where can it find that attention? Do you like Wonder Showzen enough to watch it in real time, or do its rapid-fire sketch sequences mean the show might have been better-suited for DVD in the first place? (Arrgh!) And when will reality programming stop taking over the universe?

Answer in 50 words. Go. (Or just join me in whispering “Tyyyyyyyler” to people at random for the rest of the day.)