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More celebs will be wearing The Buzzhawk, soon as we grab our shears

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1036__maddox_lBreaking news from MTV.com: The buzzhawk is in! It’s a combination between a mohawk (think Travis Barker) and the fauxhawk (think Maddox Jolie-Pitt, pictured). Two celebrities (Diddy and David Beckham) have a buzzhawk, so it’s absolutely a trend. Really?

And yes, we’re taking fashion cues from a five year-old. Can we not?

People who could pull off a buzzhawk

-Keira Knightley
-George Clooney
-This isn’t very fun. How about:

People who I’d like to give a buzzhawk to in their sleep just because

-The Simpson sisters, so that they might go into hiding
-The doctors on Grey’s Anatomy so we could see if people would unconditionally obsess over them without the floppy hair
-Tom Cruise (‘Cause you know he’s got a little Travis Bickle in him waiting to burst forth.)
-Everyone on The View
-Tyra Banks (One per weave… so I guess I’d have to do it daily.)
-Joey Lawrence (Whoops, too late!)

Who else? “Let the great experiment begin!” (Five points if you can name that quote.)

addCredit(“Maddox Jolie-Pitt: Matt Cardy/Getty Images”)