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'The Simpsons' invites you to build your own Treehouse (of Horror!)

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Every American child grows up wanting to be either an astronaut or a Fox promo editor. This fall, The Simpsons has made at least one of those dreams a reality. Using reverse engineered alien irony, this user-friendly editing tool lets you manipulate choice clips from the show’s upcoming annual Treehouse of Horror terrorama and Frankenstein them into a petrifying promo of your own fiendish design.

That’s right, groundlings. No longer is the shadowy Skull & Bones of promo-dom off-limits to plebes like you. You could win a chance to have your video aired on… Fox! Putting you right up there with whoever decides the shirtless dude-to-one-eyed-hooker ratio on Cops!

Now go. Follow your dream.

(Hint: Snipping the unnecessary first second off the Burns-as-Crypt Keeper intro opens up a whole world of possibilties.)