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Bill Murray parties like it's 2003

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1036__bill_lWhat about Bob? After playing in a golf tournament this weekend, Bill Murray seemed to channel his character Bob Harris from Lost in Translation (pictured) by partying with Scandanavian college students in St. Andrews, Scotland. Baby steps to the keg. Baby steps to the Norwegian blondes in the corner.

Just like in Translation, a younger woman lured him away from a bar to a random group of her friends in a strange place. No word on whether there was karaoke, but I’m loving the details about Murray drinking vodka out of a coffee mug and helping out with the dishes. He also apparently tried to coax the host to reheat some leftover pasta, which makes him my personal hero.

Who would you want to show up at your party? I’m thinking Bill Nighy’s rocker character from Love Actually because he always had good advice for the youth. “Kids, don’t buy drugs. Become a pop star and they give you them for free!”

addCredit(“Lost in Translation: Everett Collection”)