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My Resume: Famke Janssen

The actress looks back on a few roles from her ten-year movie career

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The Dutch-born actress, 40, has spent more than a decade mixing a deadly cocktail of beauty and intrigue — as a Bond girl, a Nip/Tuck gender bender, a telepathic mutant… With X-Men: The Last Stand out on DVD, the former Chanel model — who cues up next as a pool hustler in 2007’s Turn the River — reflects on a career marked by powerful roles.

1995 (Xenia Onatopp)
”I went from complete anonymity to people going, ‘She has a weird name. Isn’t that the one who kills men between her thighs?”’

1997 (Rachel Montana)
”I really had to fight for it because it was so different from GoldenEye. I had to at least prove that I could be American.”

1998 (Miss Elizabeth Burke)
”I find [director Robert Rodriguez] extremely innovative. He operates the camera, writes the music, he is the director. I like to work with people who are outré.”

2000 (Kate Welles)
After her first meeting with costar Jon Favreau, ”We ended up going [dancing at] the Derby, where he had shot Swingers. It set the tone for the whole production.”

2004-2005 (Ava Moore)
”I thought, I’ve never done this before, this television thing where you sign on without seeing the whole script. I had no idea I was going to [end up being] a transsexual.”

2000-2006 (Jean Grey/ Phoenix)
”The great thing about Phoenix was you couldn’t really say she was purely evil. She was more complicated than that.”