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'The Nine': More mystery, music, and montages

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1508__nine_lI watched The Nine for the second time this week on ABC.com. Definitely go there if you want to see seven of Jon Lovitz’s Subway commercials!

The show’s still moving slowly, but I’ve never been one of those people who needs answers right away, at least on TV. (Whereas I need to know what I’m eating for dinner right now!) I like that we don’t know what happened between Felicia and Lucas (something sexual? maybe?) and I like that I can’t put my finger on why exactly I can’t stand Egan Foote. It’s not that his voice and demeanor are phenomenally annoying, although they don’t help. I think it has something to do with my not buying his total innocence. Before the robbery, he had that gun — I know he said it was for suicide, but he was acting really shifty in a way that didn’t have to mean suicide, not to mention the complete turnaround his character made from depressed another-brick-in-the-wall employee to wild ‘n’ out free spirit was just too forced. Something’s up with him.

Oh, and thanks for semi-ruining ”You Get What You Give” for me with Egan’s awful fountain-romping routine. Carrie Ann Inaba gives that a 2!

Two characters I’m digging: Nick and Kathryn (Tim Daly and Kim Raver, pictured). They’re not perfect, but I enjoyed the synchronicityof their storylines this week. Both defected from their defunct careerphilosophies long enough to assure each other of their trust, but thensnapped back to their own worlds at the very end. That won’t be forlong! (Or maybe it will, given how slowly things are moving.)

After Scott Wolf’s Jeremy, who plays classical music while he doessurgery (eerie and awesome), lost a patient, he ended up injectingsomething deadly into Randall, who was conveniently right down thehall. (Huh??) Randall flatlined just in time for the calmingpoint in the week’s montage-friendly pop song of choice (Coldplay’s ”Amsterdam.”) Scott Brown hated last week’s montage, but I can’t liefor the sake of solidarity. I kind of loved this one. I’m a sucker forclever timing. Also goosebumps.

Did enough happen on The Nine to draw you in for another ep?And who else noticed that in the final labeling of the nine peeps, Evahad been replaced by Lucas?