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Who's the next great action hero?

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94850__jay_lThe folks at USA Today are wondering if WWE star John Cena and Nip/Tuck‘s Kelly Carlson, who headline The Marine (out this Friday) are poised to become this generation’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone — in other words, its next great action star and femme fatale, respectively. Granted, I’m still clinging to the belief that Jason Statham has already filled the former category, but Crank‘s so-so $10 million opening weekend says otherwise. Which got me thinking, are there any other actors out there existing just under the radar who could (or should) revive Commando-style flicks for today’s moviegoers? I mean, don’t we all kind of miss the days when Arnie used to march across a set, single-handedly shooting down dozens of nefarious, gun-toting dudes, without so much as getting a nick on his squared, unemotive jaw?

I’d like to nominate Hostel‘s Jay Hernandez. Think about it: The guy’s been exuding outsize charisma ever since the days of MTV’s woefully addictive soap, Undressed (not that I, like, watched it or anything) he’s got the physical presence to convincingly kick butt on the big screen, and (just being honest here), he’s being wasted in the role of idealistic public defender Carlos (pictured) on ABC’s blah Six Degrees. Plus, unlike many of his action-movie predecessors, the guy can actually act. So step aside, Statham and Cena, Jay Hernandez is the next great action hero. Or, um, is it someone else? You tell me, PopWatchers.

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