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We are all YouTube stars

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YouTubing yourself: It’s the new Googling yourself! You never would’ve guessed how gosh-darned interesting you are! Me, for example? I’m Scotland’s top DJ. Here I am @ Fantazia, rocking the house to its very foundations. I don’t even remember that night — must mean I had a good time!

Ah, but things really get interesting when I type in the name of my employer. You already know, for instance, about the spoof of CBS’s Early Edition centered on EW. (Not particularly funny, but no shame, guys: I know from crappy web videos.)

Did you know that EW is legal tender? (I did not know this. But now that I do, my 1998-present magazine collection and I are quitting, effective immediately.)

Did you know that we threw a party and Christina Aguilera came? I didn’t. No one told me. Bastards.

And, most exciting of all, did you know that we have an exciting text-based show ”comming” to YouTube? I didn’t. I’ll bet Consumer Marketing didn’t either.

YouTube yourself, reader. It doesn’t hurt (much), and it’s good, dumb fun for 20-25 seconds.