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Today in controversial TV pilots

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At PopWatch, we strive not only to be a place where you can discuss today’s pop-culture hullabaloos, but also those of tomorrow. And whaddaya know, today, we stumbled across three different news stories about upcoming TV projects that set off our Official PopWatch Controversy-o-Meter™.

  • Scoring a ”4” on the meter is Fox’s Church of Steve, from executive producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, about a dude from New Jersey who discovers he’s a descendant of Jesus. Not exactly as eyebrow-raising as a wisecracking Jesus appearing to a pill-popping priest of last year’s short-lived The Book of Daniel, but you know at least a few fringe groups will be protesting it when (or perhaps before) it ever hits the airwaves.
  • The mere title of the proposed Canadian sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie seems tailored to be paired with words and phrases like ”hot-button,” ”polarizing,” and ”provocative,” and therefore scores a ”7” on our meter. Still, wouldn’t you rather follow the lives of a Muslim family in a remote Saskatchewan town than a group of sexy, white singles in Manhattan?
  • Finally, scoring a whopping ”10” on our meter is a loosely autobiographical sitcom pilot from Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos, who met on the set of All My Children. I’m not saying the perky/amusing morning-show host shouldn’t be allowed to expand her oeuvre, but I can’t help but anticipate the stale stench of another setup-setup-punchline-HUGE LAUGH TRACK-comedy in the making. So unless Ripa and Consuelos secretly have an insane Whitney-Bobby dynamic on the home front, then I’m afraid this project needs to be Rated H…for ”Hell to the no!”