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'Project Runway': The Keith controversy's smoking gun

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91028__document_lLast night’s Project Runway reunion episode was a must-
watch, and not just because Heidi Klum read from EW.com’s interview with Vincent, in which he dissed Tim Gunn. There was also the matter of Keith, who suggested he’d been tossed unfairly because there was nothing in the rules forbidding him to have books of patterns. To which his fellow designers reacted with the dumbfounded shock that would greet, say, the sight of Kate Moss wolfing down a cheeseburger.

Now, PopWatch has exclusively obtained a copy of the relevant letter sent by PR to the contestants specifying what they may not bring to the competition. We’ve reproduced the letter, above, and zoomed in on the pertinent paragraph. As you can see, Keith is correct that it doesn’t mention the word ”books,” but it does say ”patterns” and ”portfolios,” so it’s still hard to imagine how a book of patterns wouldn’t violate that rule.

Setting aside Keith’s other alleged violation (going briefly AWOL), do you think he has a case here? Did he exploit a legitimate loophole, or did he deserve the boot?