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The White Masai

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The White Masai

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Corrine Hofmann
Arcadia Books

We gave it a D

While vacationing in Kenya with her then-boyfriend, Corrine Hofmann meets a handsome Masai warrior on a ferry. So what if they can’t communicate and the sex stinks? She gives up her Swiss flat for an African hut because, you see, not even malaria, malnourishment, or egregious mistreatment can stand between her and love. In her memoir, The White Masai, Hofmann offers no insight into the allure, and when a doctor calls her ”stupid” while treating her post-partum for such advanced hepatitis that her kidneys have shut down, it’s difficult to argue. The clichéd translation explains only that when it comes to her ”darling,” Hofmann is ”a captive of his world.” The subtitle to the book, a best-seller in Germany, is ”An Exotic Tale of Love and Adventure,” but ”A Slog Through Abuse and Inanity” would be more accurate.