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''Nip/Tuck'': The Rosie O'Donnell makeover

On ”Nip/Tuck,” Rosie O’Donnell gets down and dirty as a lottery winner in need of a makeover; plus Matt and Kimber’s relationship gets creepier

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”Nip/Tuck”: The Rosie O’Donnell makeover

It was ladies’ night on Nip/Tuck last night. Free liposuction and cosmos! Joking aside, the women were getting some major attention. And guest star Rosie O’Donnell even got to make her own contribution to Nip/Tuck‘s Season of Butts.

More on Ms. O’Donnell later. Let’s start first with Jacqueline Bissett. This woman is seriously sexy; even her voice oozes sensuality. I like the fact that her character, James, is devious and manipulative but somewhat logical. She made a deal with Michelle, and now she’s back to collect. I say she’s owed the money that Michelle was supposed to pay her. What’s most interesting about this story line is that it’s making Christian more human. He seems to genuinely love Michelle, and that’s why he’s willing to do anything (even knock boots with Ms. O’Donnell) if it means that Michelle will be in the clear. It’s about as close to emotionally affecting as a show like Nip/Tuck gets. And I know this will make me sound like a complete moron, but I never put it together that James’ little call-girl ring was responsible for the organ thefts! Now it completely makes sense that Michelle went to med school and James paid for it. I love it that James played Michelle at the end of the episode and didn’t tell her that Christian had paid off her debt. That is one nasty senior citizen!

Then there’s the beautiful but incredibly crazy Kimber. Her relationship with Matt is bordering on creepy, and I’m not just saying that because Matt gives me the willies. Is anyone else disturbed by the amount of time they’re spending together, some of which is spent in her condo’s steam room? Kimber had a sexual relationship with Christian, and now it’s obvious that Matt has a thing for her. Um, that’s gross. Perhaps even grosser than Melissa Gilbert having sex with her dog. But back to Matt and Kimber’s little foray into Scientology: Do all Scientologists really dress in uniform like that? They look like Bible salesmen. Very creepy.

Now for the main event: Rosie. Can I just say that I thought she was fabulous? Her first scene was laugh out loud hilarious. O’Donnell has never been an actress with much range, but she played to her strengths in the role of Dawn Budge. The only thing was that her transformation wasn’t quite as dramatic as I would have liked. It looked like she just took a shower and paid a visit to Sephora. The sex scene with Christian, though, was pretty hilarious. I believe Dawn is supposed to come back in another episode, which I think is glorious. She brought some much-needed humor to Nip/Tuck, and you could tell the former Queen of Nice loved getting to be part of this raunchy show.

What do you think? Will Michelle’s husband find out about her affair with Christian? Will Christian find out about Michelle’s career as an organ thief? And will Matt ever speak to his parents again after that kidnapping attempt?