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What's happening on tonight's 'Lost' premiere?

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13032__kate2_lBecause it hasn’t been on the cover of our magazine in a while, I feel compelled to remind you that OMG LOST PREMIERES TONIGHT!!! I know, I know: You have completely forgotten everything that happened last season except that statue with the toes, and something about peanut butter. Sad, really. And as much as I’d like to help you personally, I no longer write publicly about that show, because I am scared of it and you people and what it’s done to Doc Jensen. So I’m happy to pass the mike to my good buddy, King of the Spoilers, TV Guide‘s own Michael ”Hot Pants” Ausiello. He’s got some info on the premiere (including dish about Evangeline Lilly’s Kate, pictured), as well as a confession that he cried.

Ooh, little John Maine looks good in his first inning for the Mets. The Dodgers are gonna have a rough one this afternoon…

OOH! Some fan just TOTALLY interfered with Carlos Delgado on a foul ball. Have we learned nothing from Bartman, people??

PS: That’s right. If you want me to blog during the playoffs, you’re gonna get the occasional baseball update.

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