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Sean Lennon: A little help from my (starlet) friends

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Sean Lennon apparently wants to make sure his second album gets more attention than his underrated debut, 1998’s Into the Sun. So this time, he called up a few friends from his exhaustive Hollywood starlet Rolodex to appear in a theatrical trailer for his new album, Friendly Fire (in stores today). So Lindsay Lohan, Devon Aoki, Bijou Phillips, and Jordana Brewster (yes, folks, he’s got it like that) grace the screen along with Sean in a conceptual whirlwind of vivid colors and images that leaves you wondering; who is this man Lindsay Lohan is walking way from? Why is Sean wearing a silver lamé jumpsuit? Where does Bijou Phillips go for the rest of the trailer?

These are questions we will perhaps never come to understand, but what we do know for sure is that the trailer is actually part of a much bigger cinematic project for the album, in which Sean actually put together movie shorts for all 10 songs on the disc. Apparently, they deal with love, love lost, and all those other heart-wrenching things, but from the abstract nature of the trailer and music video for ”Dead Meat,” these seem to be up to your interpretation. Fortunately, the over-the-top visual spectacle and star power do not detract from what sounds like a really great album.

By the by, while we’re not surprised that Lennon is hobnobbing with young Hollywood (he dated Phillips for years) we wouldn’t have guessed that he was that close to Lohan, who recently filmed Chapter 27, a movie about Sean’s dad’s murder. Anyone else find their bond a little eyebrow-raising?