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Guess Who No. 10: Achilles' Peel

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151733__guesswho_lWho was that masked man? As dozens of you guessed, it’s Brad Pitt, whose unadorned visage is one of many slightly disturbing-looking celebrity masks you can view here. More entertaining, of course, were your close-but-no-cigar guesses; many of you thought this was William Fichtner, Guy Pearce, Tim Curry, Steven Tyler, Hugo Weaving, David Bowie, Seal, or Carrot Top. (Please, let’s no one tell Brad that many of us think he looks like Carrot Top. His self-esteem may never recover.) Other answers that we liked: Hilary Swank, Haylie Duff, and Tilda Swinton. Wrote Chris Anderson, ”Michael Jackson’s transformation to an albino is complete!” Funniest guess came from Carlos Mejía Peralta, who wrote, ”That’s got to be John Travolta as Ramses II in Locusts! The Musical.” Not quite, Carlos, but that sounds like a great idea for Travolta once he finishes filming Hairspray. (I’ve already written his first song: ”Whether you’re a pharaoh or a slave with a wheelbarrow, you’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive…”)

Anyway, thanks to everyone for playing, and look for a new ”Guess Who!” next week.

addCredit(“Guess Who Personality: Fitzroy Barrett/Globe Photos; Mask: Courtesy of http://www.faces-of-fame.de”)