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Fall TV's Ambiguously Gay Characters

Fall TV’s Ambiguously Gay Characters — EW analyzes Perry, Justin, Jonathan and Bobby by putting them to the gay/not test

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Perry Pearl
The Class Role Husband to perky newswoman Holly, whose high school sweetheart also just happened to come out of the closet at their prom.
Argument Against Is happily married and has a 5-year-old daughter.
Argument For Named that daughter Oprah because ”I’m a fan!”
(On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not gay, 10 being gay) Gay vibe: 8

Justin Suarez
Ugly Betty Role Betty’s fashion-magazine-reading nephew.
Argument Against Talks like a tough guy, saying his own mother is ”full of crap.”
Argument For Refused a helping of flan, claiming ”I’ll get fat”; built an award-winning diorama of Martha Stewart’s jail cell.
Gay vibe: 5

Help Me Help You Role One of Ted Danson’s group-therapy patients.
Argument Against Had a girlfriend and paid $1,700 for Knicks tickets.
Argument For Those Knicks tickets were for a guy he appeared to be flirting with; lost girlfriend after she caught him watching gay porn.
Gay vibe: 10

Bobby Stevens
Smith Role Criminal mastermind working on a few last scores before retirement.
Argument Against Likes to beat people up. Plus, he really seems to dig his sexy wife.
Argument For Nothing yet. But he is impeccably dressed, so there’s always a chance.
Gay vibe: 1