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What's Weirder? (TV Guest Star Edition)

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Let’s play ”What’s Weirder?”

A. The inevitable Law & Orderization of Mel Gibson’s drunk driving arrest/anti-Semitic tirade will be brought to life by… Chevy Chase.

B. How I Met Your Mother‘s Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) will find love (or something like it) with Marshall’s hot older law professor, played by… Jane Seymour.

C. Cue the scary music: show-killer Rena Sofer will try to strangle the life out of Monday night television with guest spots on Fox’s 24 and NBC’s Heroes.

(See Mike’s answer after the jump.)

For me, Seymour ought to be a perfect fit on HIMYM, especially now that her Wedding Crashers role has transformed her from medicine woman to red-hot mama. The casting of Sofer (Blind Justice, Coupling, The Chronicle, Cursed, Oh Grow Up),meanwhile, isn’t such a bad thing; she’s an appealing actress who’sreally more unlucky than she is toxic. Plus, she’s guest-starred onplenty of shows that have lived to tell the tale. So goingwith A. And not because a thinly-veiled portrayal of a real-life lightning rod seems a stretch for ol’ Clark Griswold’s first dramatic role since, um, ever. No, it’s just the timing. I know L&O loves its ripped-from-the-headlinesshtick, but would it be asking too much for the aging franchise to giveus more than three months to digest unpleasant real-life events beforethey shove them back down our throats as fiction? Maybe I’m just cranky, butit seems to me if Dick Wolf wants to revitalize his franchise, then it’s timeto cook up some fascinating untold tales, not just ghoulishly rummage throughdepressing tabloid headlines.