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'Lost': Russian to judgment?

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173913__lost_lSo late yesterday afternoon, I got an e-mail (with some photographic evidence attached) from our photo editor, Connie Yu, that upon first read, sounded like a heaping plate of crazy. But the more I stare, the more Connie’s theory is making sense to me: ”Doesn’t this actor Leonard Edelstein (pictured, right), who played one of the Russian scientists during last season’s finale of Lost, look like Matthew Fox (left) with a cap and beard?” she asks. (And maybe a prosthetic nose, I might add.)

Anyhow, because I blog, therefore I’m lazy, I tra-la-la’d over to IMDB, typed in the name Leonard Edelstein, and up pops a page for… Len Cordova (a.k.a. Leonard Edelstein, a.k.a. Jake Leonard). Oh sure, dude’s got some credits (including ”playing” ”Hal Greene” in an ”episode” of Lost‘s timeslot competitor, Criminal Minds, last season), but would you really put it past Carlton Cuse & Co. to construct a faux IMDB page as a way to distract us from the ultimate Lost-ian mindmelt? (Jack is about to be rescued by… Jack!) What’s more, individual Google image searches for ”Len Cordova,” ”Leonard Edelstein,” and ”Jake Leonard” turn up… nothin’ conclusive. Yeah, sure, our other photo editor, Katy Caldwell, dug around and found some pics of ”Jake Leonard” from a movie called Horrorvision, but as she points out, he has the same facial-hair pattern as Mr. Fox, so perhaps the whole Horrovision thing is a Cuse ruse too. (Have any of you seen that movie?)

So what say you, Lost-ies? Are Connie and I on to something bighere? Or are we just big, misguided fanatics? More importantly, shouldI do some ”reporting” later this morning and phone an actualpublicist? (And have I overdone the whole ironic-quotation-marksthing?) Holla back!