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What's Weirder? (Random, Mortifying News Edition)

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Let’s play ”What’s Weirder?”

A. Roman Polanski is returning to acting. In Rush Hour 3.
B. Madonna asks herself ”What would Jesus do?” and determines that the answer is staging a self-crucifixion on a disco-ball cross.
C. Rosie O’Donnell says she scored a ”nice boobs” compliment from costar Julian McMahon  while filming a sex scene for Nip/Tuck.
D. La Toya Jackson gets photographed in a pink nightie atop a wooden horse, reportedly as part of an advertisement for Australian malt liquor.

(Click the jump to see Mike’s answer…)

I’m gonna have to go with D on this one. Rosie’s always been on the TMItip, but if her breasts are winning kudos from Hollywood hunks, well,bully for her. As for Madge’s moment of sanctimony, it feels a littletoo much like another stop on the Confessions tour promotional platform. And while the phrase ”Roman Polanski in Rush Hour 3” does indeed make my head hurt, that La Toya photo truly is worth 1,000 words. And all 1,000 of them are ”crazy.”