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Feedback from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Feedback from our readers

McDream On
Looking at the cover photo of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Patrick Dempsey on the latest issue of EW was like looking in a mirror. Well, not really — but I can McDream, can’t I?
David Szymanski
Sterling Heights, Mich.

Seriously, guys, if I see the word ”McDreamy” in your magazine one more time, I may reconsider my decision to renew. It’s more played out than Monk‘s Tony Shalhoub winning Emmys.
Rob Ullman

The Fall TV Preview issue was one of the few bright spots in that last week of summer. I just love the recaps, and the hints at what’s yet to come. Who would think that I might want to tune in to ER anymore? But after reading your article, that first episode will be on the TiVo list.
Nancy Dries
Millburn, N.J.

I found the charts that listed each night’s programming to be the most helpful part of your Fall TV Preview. Now, how about printing updated charts in January or February, once football is over, the midseason replacement shows have been chosen, and all the inevitable network schedule changes are made?
John Holderried
New York City

Sorkin Scorecard
How could an entire article about Aaron Sorkin’s new show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (Fall TV Preview) never once mention his groundbreaking Sports Night? That show’s style set the tone for others. (The West Wing was just a dumbed-down, more popular version.) Critically acclaimed, it required too much intelligence of the average viewer. Hopefully, Studio 60 won’t suffer the same fate.
Scott Piepenburg
Hampton, Va.

Desmond Delight
Thank you — my heart nearly stopped when I saw that stunningly beautiful photo of Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick (Fall TV Preview). Surprises like this are always welcome. As much as I love Jack and Kate, it’s refreshing to see someone else for a change.
Rebecca Rusnak
Fort Myers, Fla.

Afterlife Goes On
As someone who’s been drifting in the infinite abyss since the beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel were put to rest, The CW’s Supernatural has been my heaven-sent (Fall TV Preview). This show is scary, exciting, and when you look past the eye candy (which, I admit, can be hard sometimes), you get an awesome show about a family who have sacrificed their normal lives to help people. Supernatural has the makings of another cult hit.
Anne Garner
Twinsburg, Ohio

Number of naughty readers who couldn’t resist taking a second look at Patrick Dempsey’s fly on our cover

Number of readers who wondered why the frak Battlestar Galactica wasn’t in our Fall TV Preview (which only included network television shows). Does this week’s cover help?


When Prof. Dolph Gotelli of Sacramento watched Pee-wee’s Playhouse back in the late ’80s, he saw ”a perfect example of design creativity in multimedia.” In fact, he used the series in his UC Davis design course to present ”fantasy as a problem-solving device.” Happily noting the show’s return to TV, Gotelli writes ”in these difficult times, we all need a little Pee-wee in our lives.”