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Eddie hearts Scary

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145620__murphy_scary_lWhat is it that creeps me out about the coupling of Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice, as chronicled in extensive detail in this new People article? Actually, what is it that doesn’t creep me out about it? I guess the most obvious thing is that it throws a monkey wrench in the Eddie Murphy comeback narrative that’s been developing over the last few months, thanks to good buzz about his serious performance in Dreamgirls. Here he is, about to get his actorly and even his musical credibility restored, and he goes and takes up with a manufactured pop footnote who refuses to stay in 1997 where she belongs. Now she gets to be the gal who landed Eddie Murphy, but he’s stuck being the guy dating a Spice Girl. That’s just not right.

addCredit(“Eddie Murphy: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Melanie Brown: Peter Kramer/Getty Images”)