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Eva Longoria: Movie star?

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94437__eva_lGet excited, PopWatchers! It’s time for another episode of everyone’s favorite home game, “George Clooney or David Caruso?”

Eva Longoria says Desperate Housewives will be her last TV show… EVER.I gotta say, the woman has certainly paid her dues. After working as aregular on everything from Desperate Housewives to… uh… hold on…IMDb… uh… um. Well. Heather Locklear she’s not. So is Eva turningher back on the small screen a little too fast? Is she taking our lovefor granted? Will she, like so many before her, come crawling back?

Let’s use the comments space to placeour bets on the success/failure of this little career venture, and alsotalk about movie roles we’d like to see her take on! I’ll start: “Um,I think Eva Longoria should make sure to do lots of movies during herHousewives hiatuses to warm up, and then immediately grab a characterrole in something high-profile-yet-indie. Think, oh, I dunno, FelicityHuffman inTransAmerica. Yeah. Give that a shot. OK, lady, I love you, bye bye!”

addCredit(“Desperate Housewives: Ron Tom/ABC”)