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Rachel Harris is having a moment

The ”Daily Show” correspondent will be in four new films

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Rachael Harris is nothing if not memorable — whether as a DAILY SHOW correspondent, a lesbian soccer mom in KICKING & SCREAMING, Kirstie Alley’s foulmouthed makeup artist on FAT ACTRESS, or the obnoxious real estate agent in T-Mobile ads. The 38-year-old’s latest gigs are no exception. In Christopher Guest’s indie-film satire FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION (November), she goes all Charlize-in-Monster as a serious actress playing Parker Posey’s love interest. ”I have never looked uglier,” reports the blond beauty. And in ABC’s sitcom NOTES FROM THE UNDERBELLY (also November), she provides a dose of anti-breeder sentiment as the pregnant heroine’s aggressively single friend. With roles in 2007’s EVAN ALMIGHTY and the comedy LICENSE TO WED, she hardly has time to miss Fat Actress, except, she says, ”I had so much freedom on that show, and I do enjoy swearing.” ABC censors, take note.