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Pink is the new cog... in NBC's NFL plan

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152055__pink_lThis just in from the Department of Unconvincing Spin: Pink is reimagining Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You” as “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” the new theme song for NBC Sunday Night Football. In and of itself, the pairing isn’t all that eyebrow-raising. I mean, if Elvis Costello can redo the Weeds theme song, and Mary J. Blige gets to promote her disc with a guest-spot on One Life to Live, and Taylor Hicks is shaking his booty to sell automobiles, why should Pink turn a deeper shade of crimson over a little cross-promotional hanky-panky?

I just wish she wouldn’t try so hard to convince everybody that this is somehow the culmination of a lifelong dream or something. Take her statement in NBC’s press release: “This is something so different for me, it’s like hearing yourself on the radio for the first time. I’m such a huge football fan that it’s a great time.” Like hearing yourself on the radio for the first time? Really? I’d have had more respect if she just came out and said, “Look, SoundScan sales for I’m Not Dead have stalled at 466,000, and Danity Kane sold half that much in one week. Danity Kane, people! A girl’s got to do what she’s got to do to stay relevant in these crazy times.” Know what I’m saying? That’s all.

addCredit(“Pink: John Shearer/WireImage.com”)