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'Wonder Woman': Is Kat McPhee a McPhrontrunner?

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115823__kat_l_2Wonder Woman, all the world is still waiting for you (and the power you possess). Question is, do your powers include warbling “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” while simultaneously truth-lassoing Simon Cowell and deflecting laryngitis attacks with your bracelets? Yes, Katharine McPhee is the latest name to surface in the search for a suitable big-screen Wonder Woman. She joins Kate Beckinsale, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sandra Bullock, Eliza Dushku, Rebecca Romijn, and Jessica Biel. Scuttlebutt is, she’s posing on the cover of Shape just to show she’s got the bod for that notorious wonderkini.

I have absolutely no knowledge of Ms. McPhee’s acting ability, so I’ll simply say this: If picked, she will be the closest thing we’ll ever have to a democratically elected Wonder Woman.

addCredit(“Katharine McPhee: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images”)