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Shock Treatment: 25th Anniversary Edition

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Shock Treatment

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Cliff De Young, Jessica Harper, Richard O'Brien, Jim Sharman
Jim Sharman

We gave it a D+

Deservedly dismissed upon release, this tiresome follow-up to The Rocky Horror Picture Show finds Brad and Janet (now played by the dreary Cliff DeYoung and Jessica Harper) the unwitting captives of a nightmarish reality TV show. A few decent Richard O’Brien-penned songs aside, Shock Treatment is one time warp you’ll never want to do ever again.

EXTRAS A music featurette in which people claim with a straight face that this film’s song score is superior to Rocky‘s (!), a too-fawning and rather dull commentary by the movie’s fan club presidents, and a documentary where key cast members admit they had absolutely no idea what the film is about, yet others claim it’s ”an equal, not a sequel.” Yeah, okay.