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She'll be back: Fox's 'Sarah Connor Chronicles'

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153756__terminator_lBecause you’ve been dying to know for, like, 15 years what happened to Linda Hamilton’s Terminator character between the events depicted in the second and third movies, Fox is at last ready to oblige you with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Alas, neither Hamilton nor the Governator are participating in the series, but the pilot is being directed by David Nutter, who shot the pilot for Terminator guru James Cameron’s Dark Angel, as well as the pilots for such hit shows as Without a Trace and Smallville. I can’t wait for such scenes as the one where Sarah tells her 14-year-old son, ”I don’t care if you’re the savior of mankind, if you don’t clean up your room, you’re grounded.” Or the one where she says, ”Stop playing Xbox all day. We’re supposed to be fighting the machines, remember?” Meanwhile, my colleague Mike Slezak wants to know whether the series will costar a lion-faced man.

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