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The EW Awards for Summer 2006

The EW Awards for Summer 2006 — We look back at the best and worst moments of the season

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Hottest Movie Brought to You by the Letter ‘P’

Poseidon: Not the most encouraging beginning to our summer at the multiplex. Despite some very expensive-looking special effects and the unexpected deaths of several movie stars, it — like most cruises — turned out to be a supposedly fun thing we’ll never do again…. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest: May have conquered the box office, but the epic, CGI-riddled mess sure didn’t conquer our hearts (which stinks, because we really, really wanted it to be awesome)…. Plane, Snakes on a: Had tremendous buzz, then revealed itself, shockingly, to be a movie about snakes. On a plane. So, like, what do you guys wanna use the Internet for now?
Prada, The Devil Wears. How best to describe Meryl Streep’s icy performance as editor-from-hell Miranda Priestly? Perfection, that’s all. This completely charming film also taught us that we’re suckers for any makeover montage set to Madonna’s ”Vogue,” that Adrian Grenier is cute even when he’s broke, and that the staff of EW would last about half a day at a fashion magazine.

Best Comeback

A post-rehab Jason Mewes reclaimed his slacker crown in Clerks II; Tom Petty took four years to release melancholy gem Highway Companion, then set out with the Heartbreakers on the summer’s best tour; Scott Smith hit the best-seller list with The Ruins, his first novel since 1993’s A Simple Plan; after a string of disappointments, Will Ferrell reminded us he’s still the funniest dude in underpants, thanks to Talladega Nights.
Al Gore. With An Inconvenient Truth, he scared us to death — and somehow became more likable at the same time.

Worst Replacement for The Comeback
Flaccidly unfunny HBO sitcom Lucky Louie.

Best Entourage Cameo

The late Bruno Kirby as a mogul who’s just a bit too attached to his Shrek doll; Seth Green as what we can only hope is a highly fictionalized jerkface version of himself; James Woods as what we can only hope is…yep, him too.
Martin Landau. If we told you the ancient actor could hold his own against a bunch of hotshot kids, is that something you might be interested in?

Biggest Sport
Soccer. Cars and Talladega Nights may have combined for $354 million, but we’ll take Zidane’s bizarre World Cup head butt and former footballer Gordon Ramsay’s addictive Hell’s Kitchen over the long left turn of NASCAR any day.

Biggest Scene-Stealer: Male

Ian McKellen’s double shot of nasty in The Da Vinci Code and X3; Sacha Baron Cohen’s French menace in Talladega Nights; Philip Seymour Hoffman’s eerie Tom Cruise impression in M:I-3.
David Hasselhoff. Sobbing at the American Idol finale, yammering nonsense on America’s Got Talent, that ”Jump in My Car” YouTube video: We couldn’t take our eyes off the Hoff.

This Summer In Hubris Award

Freebie-lovin’ Star Jones Reynolds got kicked off The View; M. Night Shyamalan played a writer destined to save the world in his abysmal Lady in the Water; despite his claims to the contrary, Mel Gibson clearly did not ”own” Malibu.
Rob Schneider, who announced that as a half Jew, he’d never work with Mel. But we were so looking forward to Deuce Bigalow: Holy Land Gigolo.