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Emmy Watch: Conan, Kathy, and Giftbag-gate

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102722__emmy_lEmmy mania — much like the Fudgesicle I foolishly left on my windowsill yesterday — is heating up!

-Host Conan O’Brien is making the rounds with Emmy riffs ranging from “no big deal” to “no big deal, but I’m hugely flattered to be asked back.” That latter link also contains his suggestions for the embattled nomination process: “They should double the number of categories, the awards should take place over a two-week period like the Olympics and people all over the world should participate. And the long jump should be incorporated.”

-Emmy honoree and D-butante Kathy Griffin is excited. Getting nominated is even more of a thrill when you’re “the girl who went to the prom with the gay guy.” (Paradoxically, you WANT to go to the Emmys with a gay guy, right? Just to watch your backless dress?) I could be wrong, but I think she got the nod for those Sierra Mist commercials. Congrats, Kathy!

-Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is: Do I have to submit a 1040 to claim my giftbag? Will someone repossess my Godiva flatscreen? Can the government even begin to pry this free holographic iPod from my cold dead fingers? And will this affect the satanic excess of the Emmy giveaway tradition? (Nah, not really.)

-At the bottom of the controversy list, we’ve got some categorical dustups: Has The Man been keeping The Simpsons down in the animation ghetto? Should Gilmore Girls be slotted as comedy or drama?

-You know, as long as Conan’s hosting, maybe he could give as a couple clips of this, the best never-aired Conan-and-Smigel pilot ever made.

addCredit(“Conan O’Brien: Virginia Sherwood”)