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Why no ''Ally McBeal'' seasons on DVD?

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Ally McBeal: The Kobal Collection

Why no ”Ally McBeal” seasons on DVD?

I was wondering if there are any plans to release classic David E. Kelly television shows on DVD. I know that Boston Legal is already out, but I am also anxious for Ally McBeal. —Chris23

Except for a 2000 Ally McBeal disc that was an odd hodgepodge (the pilot, the seventh and twelfth episodes, etc.), there’s no McBeal on the market and nothing scheduled to be released through the end of this year, at least. Do you think that sometimes companies with the rights to TV series like this — once hot pop-culture items that grew stale as the series proceeded — wait until the tide turns once again and the show becomes a beloved nostalgia item, and there’s a loud outpouring of desire for it? I can’t help but think this is part of the long-term marketing strategy…

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