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This week's first ''Big Brother'' evictee speaks

Howie talks with Jessica Shaw about how he got evicted despite coming on to all the women and one of the men in the ”Big Brother: All-Stars” house

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You might think that after such a hostile exit last night from the Big Brother: All-Stars house, Howie Gordon would have calmed down by now. Guess again. Reached by phone at the jury sequester house, Big Boy is foaming at the mouth, taking down Danielle, Erika, and Marcellas at every opportunity. Herewith, his (somewhat toned down) venting session.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Hey, Howie! How’s life in sequester?
HOWIE GORDON: This is a beautiful tropical paradise, instead of battling it out with houseguests like Boogie.

Speaking of Boogie, what was up with you two at the end? I thought you were going to throw some punches.
He and Dr. Will are the most untrustworthy guys in the house, and we made a so-called alliance with them. Unfortunately there were a lot of pregame alliances made, and I wasn’t aware of all of them. Janey let Boogie and Dr. Will into our close circle, and they betrayed me. So when I left, I said, ”Thanks for the sellout.” We got in each other’s faces. He was like, ”Get out of here. You’re a real class act.” It makes for a great exit. I’m not gonna walk out like some punk. I had a great time walking out the door like that.

Did you know you’d be leaving?
I knew. Erika is emotional wreckage. When I saw her sitting next to me cool and confident, I thought, ”I’m in big trouble here.” Normally she’d be crying because she’s such a big baby. I saw Janelle and James sitting in front of me looking pretty distraught. I saw Janie staring down Erika. Earlier in the day I thought I had a shot of staying, but hey, it’s Big Brother. You fumble the ball and you get your head blown off.

I’m not sure what that means, but anyway, were you surprised at how much the house wanted you and Janelle out?
Yeah, getting rid of me was part of the process to getting rid of her. Janelle is probably the biggest badass ever to play. I think she’s a more dangerous player than Dr. Will, but she’s younger than Dr. Will so she’s more apt to believe things and do things you shouldn’t do.

Speaking of Dr. Will, what was up with your obsession with him this year?
Dr. Will came in as the most notorious, greatest houseguest of all time. He claimed he was the best looking. Me getting close and personal was great for my strategy. It’s fun for viewers, it’s fun for the houseguests. I had a great time weirding him out and freaking him out. I’m Howie. I’m comfortable with myself. I don’t think I’m gay or bisexual by any means. It’s just the nature of who I am. I like to weird people out. I like to mess with people. If I could take Dr. Will away from planning season 6’s demise, that was my strategy. At the same time, is he a good-looking guy? Yeah.

It seemed that all of a sudden, you stopped harassing him. Did the producers tell you that you had to?
Will got kind of freaked out, like, ”You’re sexually harassing me.” He can dish it out, but he can’t take it. I was like, ”Okay, you skinny little bitch.” Everyone has a threshold. He got a little annoyed with me.

You mentioned there were alliances before going into the house. What do you mean?
We walked into the house, and it was 10 on 4. Janie didn’t even know I was in the running until she saw me in the casting special. This was breached by the other houseguests. They made pacts before moving into the house. They basically cheated because they breached their contracts of confidentiality by setting up pregame alliances.

Like who?
Erika is dating Boogie outside the house. They were fooling around in the house.

Why did you always listen to Janelle? Why didn’t you take the power and tell Janelle not to listen to Will?
Janie, James, and Kaysar were the ones with the power carrying me through the game. They were keeping BB6 intact. They’re like my family members, so of course I’m gonna do what they say. Before it all unraveled, I said to Janelle, ”Do not ever talk to Will and Boogie alone again.” Me and James go to the backyard, and next thing you know [Janelle nominates] Boogie and Erika. I don’t know. Janey started listening to Chill Town. I took Chill Town for granted. I thought they were trying to help us. But they were working with other people undercover because of pregame alliances.

I was shocked that George — who had no pregame alliance and seemed to love you — was the one to put you up.
Georgie’s out there in his own world, and he’ll be manipulated by anyone who will throw him slop. I took it very personally. If George had won HOH and said, ”Howie, it is in my best interest to put you up,” I would have been fine with it. But he promised twice he wouldn’t. I take it very personally. He’s too dumb to think for himself. Even though he deserves to be there, he’s a very malicious, deceptive, dumb player in my opinion.

But when you were all sitting together before eviction, why didn’t you speak up for yourself?
I don’t want to sell out people to their face. Dr. Will had said, ”You can put me up, no problem.” I thought that was going to be the way. Why should I get into a shouting match? I thought George had his mind set. But Boogie basically threatened him and said, ”Are you willing to take the chance?” That scared the living daylights out of him. And then Danielle stayed back and made her mark. I should have stayed with Georgie and said, ”Put up the doctor.” That’s the time I should have spoke. It obviously bit me in the ass.

Janelle seemed pretty sure James was betraying your alliance. Did you feel similarly?
Obviously James had a shot at taking out Danielle, and he threw it with the champagne thing. He took himself out of the game. Was he directly going for the demise of BB6? I don’t think so. I think he has dreams of going to the finale with Danielle. Was he a direct threat to Janelle and me? I don’t think so. I love James. He’s my buddy in the real world, but this is business. Was I losing trust week by week? Absolutely.

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