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Guess Who No. 8: Jones, Samantha Jones.

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16055__guess_who_answer_lOkay, so most of you have seen Porky’s, Mannequin, and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and thus knew it was Kim Cattrall. Also, more than a few of you have some of Cattrall’s spicier dialogue from Sex and the City committed to memory, so, you know, thanks for corrupting this pure mind of mine. Heathens!

Too many of you to name, but I will single out PopWatchers Rebecca Brooks and Toby Jorgensen, both of whom knew that today is, in fact, Cattrall’s 50th birthday! (Also, thanks to Allison Quinn, who wished us a Happy Snakes on a Plane! A holiday, I fear, that will not be annual…)

Also interesting: Those of you who got it wrong, you guessed BIG! Among the incorrect answers: Theresa Russell; Lynda Carter; Michelle Pfeiffer (OK, maybe); Shania Twain; Janice DIckinson; Kathleen Turner (um…); Rachel Weisz; Lindsay Lohan; Annette Bening (er…); Joan Collins; Lady Sovereign; Stockard Channing; and Catherine Zeta-Jones (whaa…?).

Stay tuned for more Guess Whos — I got passed a really good one today. Look for it later in the week…

addCredit(“Kim Cattrall: Warner Bros./Everett Collection; Mark Liddell/HBO”)