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David Duchovny and Julianne Moore have a chat

David Duchovny and Julianne Moore have a chat — The real life pals played a married couple in ”Trust the Man”

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The real-life pals, who play a married duo in Trust the Man, directed by Moore’s hubby, Bart Freundlich, discuss how they met and the horrors of being mistaken for other celebrities.

DD We go back to when we were both on Jay Leno [in 1997]. We were the guests and then all of a sudden there was an animal act with three pigs.

JM It was a pig race.

DD And we were forced to choose who would win.

JM Then came [2001’s] Evolution.

DD And Bart showed up on the set.

JM Now we vacation together. When Bart was writing this comedy, David was the one he had in mind.

DD In the movie, my character’s wanting to have sex more than Julie’s character.

JM She’s tired and can’t be bothered.

DD And I’ve got this porn tape, and my big idea is that…

JM She’s going to talk him through it.

DD While I masturbate. Pretty kinky.

JM It was a little uncomfortable, actually, watching your hand. This is a guy I’ve been on vacation with!

DD There were a couple weird moments in this.

JM My son, Cal, is in the movie. He hits you in the balls!

DD He thinks that’s funny. He was 7. Look, I’m 46 and I think it’s funny. But he didn’t know in his little mind that he would have other stuff before. So we were going to shoot a scene that comes after that. He comes in and I see this murderous look in his eye. He starts to come towards me and I go, ”Oh, no! He’s trying to punch me in the balls!”

JM This movie is a valentine to my [West Village] neighborhood. I went to a preschool conference in the middle of shooting a scene where I had a black eye. So I ran across the street and had the conference. The teacher finally said, ”What happened?” I said, ”I’m working! It’s makeup!”

DD We were in a cab and we had to make out, and Bart’s in the cab.

JM He writes that stuff and then it makes him mad that I have to do it. It’s kind of masochistic. ”I can’t believe you kissed him. Why’d you kiss him like that?”

DD ”Why’d you take this movie?”

JM On SNL, I did an imitation of Gillian Anderson. In L.A., people would stop me and say, ”Gillian?”

DD You look nothing like one another.

JM But it’s the ”all redheads look alike” kind of thing.

DD I was in Chicago and got in an elevator at, like, four in the morning, and a tourist couple was there. They recognized me immediately. I was just not in the mood for anything. Finally the guy says, ”Good morning, doctor.” And I said, ”Wrong show.” I guess he thought I was Noah Wyle. Or Julianna Margulies.

JM The longer David and I have known each other, the less we actually have to say. I think it indicates a level of comfort. Don’t you think that when we first knew each other, we talked a lot more? Now, like, if Bart and Téa [Leoni, his wife] leave the room, we’ll literally just, like, watch the game.

DD I haven’t thought of it that way. You think our relationship’s in trouble?