August 15, 2006 at 08:01 PM EDT

You know <a href=”
“>Justin Long? Of course you do. He’s a Mac. Not a P.C. (<a href=”
“>John Hodgman is a P.C. Which to me means… P.C.s are funnier? I don’t think that’s what the Apple ad wizards were going for.)

But the larger question is: With such an indelible ad campaign under his belt, can Justin Long ever be more than a Mac? Or will he go the way of Morris the Cat and the “I Love You, Man” Man? We may know this weekend, when Accepted (which is solidly 80 to 85 percent funny, I’m happy to report) matriculates in heavy, snaky traffic.

But even if Accepted applies for a quick transfer to DVD, Long’s got more big-screen bids in the works. (Good job, Justin Long’s agent! Rule #1: Don’t let your client become an Apple logo.) Most notably, he’ll be in Mike Judge’s anticipated <a href=”
“>Idiocracy and has auditioned for a part in Live Free or Die Hard, playing the foil (and maybe the son?) of Bruce Willis’ John McClane. Perhaps least notably, he’ll be in Hart Bochner’s One Part Sugar. (Fun to say!) Yes THAT Hart Bochner, whom none of you will remember from 1984’s Supergirl.

So what do you think, people? Is Justin Long what casting directors euphemistically refer to as a “likably unlikely leading man”? Is his chipper, cheeky hipness the coming thing? Do you think he’s sexy? Do you want his body? Do you remember how that flying hillbilly demon thingy took off his skin in Jeepers Creepers? Below, go Long, way Long.

addCredit(“Justin Long: Theo Wargo/”)

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