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Pick Jessica Simpson's next single

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173719__jessica_simpson_lJessica Simpson has been busy peddling edible cosmetics, denying that ”Public Affair” is about ex-husband Nick Lachey, and generously sampling other peoples’ work. So she hasn’t had time to pick the next single to be released off her new album. Instead, she has asked that you do it.

Among the voting choices (we won’t discuss the borderline-sacrilegious cover of Dead or Alive’s ”You Spin Me Round”): She’s spreading her wings on ”The Lover in Me” (which incidentally the hater in me totally hates) and belonging to herself in the aptly named “I Belong to Me.” My favorite of the bunch, however, is the atrociously named ”B.O.Y.” — which basically consists of samples from the Cars and Cameo and a few hook-y synth riffs that make me want to hop in my convertible and right out of this godforsaken town.

Which song would you pick, Popwatchers?

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