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Who's your favorite summer-movie scene stealer?

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92412__emily_lOkay, so I like the idea behind USA Today’s gallery of summer-movie scene-stealers, but I don’t understand how they neglected to include The Devil Wears Prada‘s Emily Blunt (pictured), who scored more laughs with a couple finely tuned glances than star Anne Hathaway did with a mountain of dialogue. And for that matter, where the glunk is my good buddy Felicity, who traded in her paintbrushes for some ferocious firearms in Mission:Impossible 3 — and did it convincingly, I might add? Seriously, it makes me want to go all Kimora Lee Simmons on someone’s behind. But since, despite recently dipping my smallest toe into the pool of boxing metaphors, I’m not a violent kind of boy, let’s start our own list: Who else deserves a shout-out for their supporting brilliance in a summer role? Holla at your blogger-pugilist!

addCredit(“The Devil Wears Prada: Barry Wetcher”)