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We want ''The Fugitive''on DVD now

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We want ”The Fugitive”on DVD now

And Richard Kimble thought the one-armed man was elusive — try getting even a hint of when we might see The Fugitive‘s original 1960s run on DVD. The TV show’s old-school brand of suspense is still addictive: David Janssen’s kicked-dog delivery as Kimble, Barry Morse’s anal-retentive relentlessness as Lieutenant Gerard, and that torturous succession of semi-intentionally seriocomic near-captures. Alas, when Harrison Ford’s feature-film version hit theaters 13 years ago this month, we were pre-DVD, or we undoubtedly would have seen a tie-in release of the show. Just think of the bonus opportunities: commentary from surviving cast and crew, maybe a documentary on the show’s parallels to the infamous Sam Sheppard murder case. ”The series was actually based on Les Misérables, ” says Morse, 88, sounding game for an audio track or two. ”But it was before the musical, so that comparison wasn’t often drawn.” With Tim Daly’s 2000-01 CBS revival so lukewarmly received that its cliff-hanger ending was never resolved, putting the original on disc doesn’t seem to be a top priority for current rights-holder Paramount. ”It’s under discussion, but there’s no date set for it yet,” says a studio exec. Until then, The Fugitive continues to top our Most Wanted list.